Discover Florence

Discover the magic, charm, and hidden gems of the city

Join us on a narrative journey through the enchanted streets of Florence, where every corner tells a story, and every stone hides a secret. ‘Discover Florence’ is not just Stella d’Italia‘s blog but a gateway to a world of hidden wonders and unexplored gems.

Do you want to uncover the history behind the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore? Or are you curious to explore the hidden cafes along Via Tornabuoni, where artists and poets spend their days between an espresso and inspiration?

Read our guides and blog articles to embark on this fascinating journey. You will find not only tales of historic places but also stories of people, food, art, and culture. From the secret recipes of ancient Florentine trattorias to the mysteries of master artisans, countless discoveries await you.

Don’t let these stories go unread. Immerse yourself in the city of Florence and let its magic enchant you.

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